“The Shiloh Talia Eaton Foundation”

We are super proud to announce that tomorrow “The Shiloh Talia Eaton Foundation” will be making its very first donation, we have chosen Little Eden, a home for kids with Cerebral Palsy. We will be delivering boxes of much needed requirements to the value of approx R10 000. Shiloh must have a big smile on her face right now!! 😊


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What an amazing first time experience with over 300 kids at Little Eden Home, these kids are so powerful, some have made it through the worst that life can throw at you, being abandoned in velds, making it through freezing conditions, fighting to live, so many inspirational stories that will bring tears to ur eyes. Thank you to Blacklabelled for taking your time out to assist us. Thank you in advance to all those that have already offered contributions, we looking forward to the next one. This was a mind blowing beginning!!